National Historical Museums

National Historical Museums (SHMM) in Sweden is an agency comprising the Archaeologists, the Swedish History Museum, the Royal Coin Cabinet and Tumba Papermill Museum. The agency administers culture heritage and provides a perspective on our existence in order to strengthen the democratic development of society. We are currently working on changing and improving our operations with a view to becoming the best museums of cultural history in the Nordic region.


The five-ringed gold collar from Färjestaden, Parish of Torslunda, Öland.
Photo: Christer Åhlin/SHM

The task of the Swedish History Museum, the Royal Coin Cabinet and Tumba Papermill Museum is to preserve and promote Sweden's cultural heritage and provide perspectives on social development and the present. Our collections are among the greatest historical treasures in northern Europe, comprising more than 10 million individual objects catalogued under around 34,000 inventory numbers.

The Archaeologists Sweden’s leading consultants on archaeology and cultural environments.
The Swedish History Museum The Swedish History Museum is one of Sweden’s largest museums. Its collections comprise archaeological artefacts from Sweden and Swedish ecclesiastical art. The artefacts come from the whole country and all periods of history.
The Swedish History Museum
Royal Coin Cabinet Royal Coin Cabinet is a modern museum with a long history. The oldest parts of the collection date back to the 16th century. The museum's exhibitions reflect the history of money from every period in Sweden and the rest of the world.
Royal Coin Cabinet
Tumba Papermill Museum Tumba Papermill Museum relates the story of Swedish paper, early immigrant labour, the history of the central bank and banknote printing and the exciting tale of life and work at the mill, along with the history of Botkyrka Municipality.
Tumba Papermill Museum